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Hi and thank you for visiting my web.

My name is Luke Wolf. You may know me also as little_wolf, Shift Silver, Twelvety9 (DJ Littlewolf, The Luckazz, Dash Mikar), mikar, Matthew Wolf, Wolf Brothers, LP or Alex912. The list of my alter egos is pretty wide to be honest.

I'm a guy in my 20s, living in western Czech Republic and doing all sort of things ranging from visual art, photography and literature, through music and video production to programming. But music is my main interest. I compose and produce classical music, electronic music, metal, pop-punk, punk, ambient music and I dunno what else music. Recently I even finally got myself into DJing.

This website is basically a crossroads to all of my projects, most probably to be growing for ever. So why not to go back and check out what might interest you?